Media of mass distraction

With a seemingly constant and ever evolving stream of new emerging technologies, constant communication and multitasking are the de facto standard of our daily lives and modus operandi.

Today you can do more with less, run a multi-national business from the palm of your hands, work remotely, collaborate across continents, trawl a global repository of mankind’s collective learning whilst sitting on the beach, communicate instantly around the world, capture images, sounds or video whilst out and about as part of our everyday lives – we truly do live in an utterly amazing time in human history!

impossible just shows a lack of imagination

impossible just shows a lack of imagination

However, the class A drug that technology so often proves itself to be, can carry its own high price of addiction.

One evening as my family and I were all together watching a film on TV, I chanced to look around and see that as well as ‘watching’ the film, some were working on their laptop, some checking emails on their iPad, whilst others were texting and tweeting on their phones. So instead of simply engaging with a single source of entertainment, we were each multitasking and utilising different technology devices at the same time. We each had the ‘need’ to consume multiple media streams at the same time with an insatiable appetite that technology is only too ready to support.

I had to smile at my techno addicted family!

Technology is so often touted as the means to bring people together, but in many ways, it can end up separating us from the very essence of what it is to be human. To have and develop meaningful shared emotional resonance between individuals, bringing us together in different depths of relationship with each other.

Liking a status update and adding LOL does not quite have the same degree of connectivity, sometimes we may need to just stop, unplug and take a digital detox if we really want to share and connect with those around us!

Social media feeds like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest etc. all encourage us to record, capture and share moments of our lives with those we know (and often those we don’t!). So at numerous events ranging from concerts to funerals, people are all too readily capturing or annotating their experience of the event, ready to share with the world.

We have become obsessed with trying to capture the moment as opposed to actually really soaking up the fullness of the reality of the live experience. The irony is that in trying to record the experience, much of the time we become so engrossed and obsessed with the process of capturing this unforgettable event, that we actually miss the first hand, first person human experience of actually being there at that precise moment in time.

“Humanity is acquiring all the right technology for all the wrong reasons.”
Buckminster Fuller

Human beings have a multitude of built in senses that normally don’t need to be downloaded from an App Store and installed. Capturing it for prosperity is all well and good, but genuine, deeply felt experiences are best captured by the ‘technology’ that we already possess in the form of our human senses. Often the real physical experiences and memories are the ones that truly last a lifetime, everything else is merely fleeting digital detritus.

Where these senses are damaged or impaired, technology plays a very important role in helping to offer substitute solutions to aid peoples everyday experiences. However, some new technology now seeks to both mimic and improve upon the existing human ability to experience, comprehend and respond to external stimuli.

The advent of emerging technologies such as Google glass the technology looks to augment our normal physical reality and experiences with an interactive digital overlay. It is like being able to get an upgrade to Human 2.0! This is where the boundaries of technology and emotional experience blur. For some, the possibilities are limitless, for others, the implications could have a more scary sci-fi connotation as in cyborgs from Terminator or the Borg from Star Trek.

Don’t get me wrong, technology is great, but it’s no god that should be blindly worshiped!

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6 degrees of separation – getting closer to the real deal…

Having a thorough understanding of a clients real requirements, is an essential requirement for producing creative design solutions that actually work for the client, rather than something that just looks good in your portfolio!

‘Any fool can know. The point is to understand.’ Albert Einstein

‘Any fool can know. The point is to understand.’ – Albert Einstein

‘Any fool can know. The point is to understand.’ – Albert Einstein

Attempting to understand the real requirements of a clients brief can be a tough process! Rarely do you get a fully detailed and exhaustive written brief. One that covers every single minutia of what is required, and at the moment the ability to mind read is unfortunately, something that still only exists in science fiction!

In the meantime, we are left with human discernment, experience, knowledge, research and our ability to generate mutually beneficial relationships based on trust with the people we are trying to understand and work with in a productive manner. So anything that can help gain or promote better understanding in this is a good thing, right?

Nowadays, part of the way in which we communicate with people includes a mix of different social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs, specialist forums etc. These provide fantastic options to gain extra, off the record kind of insights into what interests people, businesses we admire, or on subjects/people we are just plain interested in or do work with. It can bring a real value added element to the communication process.

For us, business is essentially all about developing good, longer term, mutually beneficial relationships with clients, suppliers and people we are in contact with. To do this successfully, it goes beyond merely just the basics of being able to fulfil a transaction or service. Most companies should be able to do that, if not there are plenty of others that can!

People do business with people, and it is this personal relationship and level of understanding between individuals or organisations, that can often help make or break successful business relationships.

Social media can help people connect in a more immediate and strangely, a more personal way. It can also allow a more informal insight to the way people think, what lies behind the more formal public facade, what interests them or what generally makes them ‘tick’. Why could this be of interest? It gives a fuller, more rounded and engaging picture of someone who you may have never met before. It also, more importantly, opens up a much wider range of potential connection points with them.

This is the concept behind the principle of 6 degrees of separation (the idea that everyone is on average approximately six steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person on Earth).

Six Degrees of Separation by Dannie-Walker
Six Degrees of Separation by Dannie-Walker

Finding and establishing different connection points allows a much easier basis for communication, and we all know that communication is King!

From our experiences, we have found that establishing, maintaining and building relationships through the additional opportunities that social media can provide, has often helped us start, nurture and build relationships.

However, before becoming a digital hermit, nothing beats one of the oldest forms of social media, there is, Social Media v1, the time to catch-up for a real life tea, coffee or a pint of beer!

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This could be something of pinterest to you…

Here at Passion 4, we have a fairly wide ranging and eclectic mixture of interests and things that inspire us, so what better way of collecting them than having a digital scrapbook, to not only store them all in, but to find even more sources of inspiration! Lets be honest, you can never have too many sources of inspiration in your life now can you!

We often collaborate and share ideas or research in Evernote, (there is a good review about Evernote on but for a more public sharing digital scrapbook, we use Pinterest to bookmark some of our interests.

So far on our various Pinterest boards we are covering our passions and interests in…
Architecture, Technology, Inspiration, Design, Furniture, Illustration, Automotive, Photography, Words, Products, Prints and posters, the environment and ones to watch.

Pinterest – Passion 4 pins

Pinterest – Passion 4 pins

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